Indoor Activity Guide

By Beth Neely April 1, 2021

Indoors with the kids? Overwhelmed by what to do with them? Trying to keep them occupied while maintaining your sanity?

Having kids home for several days, indoors can be hard for everyone in the house. Normal routines are on hold, and everyone is looking to you for what to do,

You got this! With these simple indoor ideas, you'll become the parent of the year! 

1. This is an important parent reminder: It's OK for the kids to be bored.  I know we have all heard this, but it's true! Everyone is so used to running from place to place and having life scheduled every minute of the day that when it all stops, we look for something to fill the time.  I can list 100 things to do with the kids but, I promise, the most impactful moments will come when sitting on the couch with nothing to do. Kids in their room finally playing with toys that have been sitting, collecting dust. Conversations around the dinner table are happening because everyone is home. Give space for the boredom and watch for the meaningful moments. 

2. Space out the activities. Don't worry about having something for the kids to do ALL DAY; that's not practical. If you have one or two activities planned for the kids a day, that's enough.  Don't feel like you need to schedule every minute of the day for them. 

3. Don't assume "they are too old" for certain activities. I can't tell you how many times we have done an activity I thought was too young for my teenage son, only to see him emersed and playing like he was a little kid again. From younger board games to crafts and activities - they may look at you like you're crazy asking them (ok telling them) to play, but then watch what happens after a few minutes. Plus, if you have younger siblings it will help them bond with the older siblings.

4. Journal, have fun and enjoy these crazy, indoor days. Document current events and what their life is like right now will be treasured later on - plus work through or relieve thoughts emotions they may have.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Join the Cincinnati Zoo on their Facebook page to learn all about the animals at their zoo and see some live footage of them in their habitats! 

Lego Building Challenge! - Join Snapology of Monmouth County for weekly Virtual Brickmaster lego building challenges!

Science Mom - Join teh science mom on her Facebook page or YouTube Channel, for virtual science lessons and experiments! Their science and math lessons are aimed at kids age 7-12, but it's a family-friendly show BOTH kids and parents can enjoy.

Storyline Online- Actors reading children's books aloud on Facebook and Story Online website streaming. This is a FREE children's literacy resource featuring the world's best storytellers reading books aloud. 

36 Free Educational Resources for Kids - Online websites to help with educational resources.

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12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch - Tour museums without having to leave the house.

ABC MOUSE - Online learning for ages 2-8.

Hooked on Phonics - Online reading program. 

Learning A-Z  - Offering free subscriptions until the end of this school year. They have wonderful readers in Spanish for different levels.

Outschool - Live Online Classes for Ages 3-18. Spark your child’s curiosity with access to 10,000 small group video chat classes—created and taught by inspiring teachers. Start learning for as low as $5/class.

San Diego Zoo Kids - Learn all about animals with this kid-friendly website.  

Scholastic Learn at Home - We know that missing school isn’t easy for your kids—or for you. But we also know that there are simple ways to turn unexpected time at home into exciting opportunities for your students to learn, think, and grow. That is why we’ve created Scholastic’s Learn at Home website. This free resource provides your children with 20* days of exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges. Children can complete them anytime, in any order. They can work on their own or together with you and your family. Our active learning journeys are available on any device and will provide your child with up to three hours’ worth of exciting learning experiences per day. They can go on virtual field trips, meet best-selling authors, or dig deep into a topic they love.

Storyline Online - With school closures around the country due to #coronavirus, please use our FREE children's literacy resource featuring the world's best storytellers reading books aloud. Each video includes an activity guide with lessons for K-5 students to do at home. 

Teachers Pay Teachers Low cost & free online resources. TpT is the go-to place for educators to find the resources, knowledge, and inspiration they need to teach at their best. We offer more than 3 million free and paid resources, created by educators who understand what works in the classroom. Our marketplace is growing every day to meet the evolving needs of the PreK-12 classroom. 

Virtual Field Trips - San Diego Zoo, Yellowstone National Park, Explore the surface of the planet Mars, take a Farm tour, see the Saturn 5 Rocket, visit the Louvre in France and tour the Great Wall of China 


Board Games

Card games - solitaire, go-fish, spoons,Uno

Make Fire-pit smores or firepit dinner

Cook a meal together 

Do Sewing projects together

Rock Painting - print out Rock the Spot labels here and join the movement of hiding kindness rocks

Watch a movie together - A list of family musical classics to watch.

Art for Kids Hub - Online simple, and easy art lessons. Read more about it here. 

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Macaroni Kid Fun Book - A Great Guide to Crafts with Your Kids

Look on our website for a ton of arts & crafts to do with your kids

Top 70 Growth Mindset Television Shows from Big Life Journal


Bouncy Balls outside

Build a fort

Coloring - roll out some butcher block paper and let them color3-4 drops food coloring. Rinse off with water.

Cosmic Kids Yoga - This YouTube channel offers Star Wars (The Force Awakens) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hoola hoop


Osmo - A great game to have on hand for individual learning

Outdoor sidewalk chalk art - mix 1/2 cup cornstarch, 1/2 cup water and 

Watercolors - give them a sheet of paper and watch the masterpiece they create