How to Plan the Best Summer with your Family!

Simple ways to make time for fun

By Beth Neely, Publisher Macaroni KID Rancho Cucamonga May 26, 2024

Sweet summertime is here in Rancho and we all want this summer to be filled with amazing memories for our entire family! 

So today I am walking you through how to prep to make an amazing summer happen and show you just how easy it is to fill your calendar with a ton of fun, and downtime. It all starts with thinking ahead. I have been planning our summers this way for the last 8 years and it's helped our family not miss those special moments you only get during the summertime.

Are you ready?

What do you want your summer to look like when it's over? 

What are you hoping our summer looks like? 

What regrets did you have that you didn't do in past years? 

For me, I think about past summers and what I wish I had done. I write it all down. 

What memories do I want to make? 

What summer moments make me smile?  

Mommas, let's make those moments happen!  

  • Now, go back to the calendars and fill all the empty boxes that are filled with nothing scheduled. There are the free mornings, afternoons, evenings and yep, even a free weekends in there.  I start filling those empty spaces in with those summer moments I don’t want to miss like bike rides, park dates, painting dates, bbqs, pool day, beach days, pajama days…. you know, those can't miss it summer moments from your family's fun summer bucket list. I schedule everything so they will happen.  If I don’t schedule them, the summer will be over before I know it and we will miss those moments that mean so much to me. DON'T MISS THOSE MOMENTS MOMMAS! 

Plan them. Set aside time for them. Don't forget to include the down time together too. Now GO! Get scheduling!