80 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

By Beth Neely, publisher of Rancho Cucamonga Macaroni Kid March 17, 2024

Looking for something different for their Easter baskets this year? Here are some great non/candy Easter basket items for you to try.

Mom Tip:  

  • Pick a theme before you start shopping! It can be your kid's favorite sport, favorite color, a hobby they would love to try, spring things, summer fun, then create a basket around that!  
  • Create a scavenger hunt Easter basket where they wake up to find a note attached to their empty basket and they have to solve the clues to find the missing Easter basket items - this is so much fun for older kids who may think they are over the Easter basket.

Here are some of our kid-favorite non-candy Easter finds:  

1. Books 

2. Stuffed animals 

3. Clothes 

4. Bubbles 

5. Playdough 

6. Chalk 

7. Gardening supplies (seeds, shovel, kid gloves) 

8. Hair accessories 

9. Umbrella 

10. Rain boots 

11. Crayons and coloring books 

12. Bath toys 

13. Lip balm 

14. Reusable water bottle  

15. Thinking Putty 

16. Building bricks./Legos 

17. Summer Tote Bag  

18. Sunglasses 

19. Swimsuit 

20. Beach towel  

21. Flip Flops 

22. Keychain 

23. Cute Hat 

24. Slip ‘n Slide  

25. Stress balls 

26. Lava lamp  

27. Gel pens 

28. Decorative Washi tape 

29. Gift cards to anywhere! 

30. Phone/device chargers  

31. Fuzzy blanket 

32. Cozy pajamas  

33. Coin counter container  

34. Glow sticks 

35. Jumprope 

36. Echo Dot

37. Smart plugs for things in their rooms  

38. Card games like UNO 

39. Nerf guns 

40. Caboodle - yep they still make them!  

41. Earbuds 

42. LED Room Lights

43. Water guns

44. Cozy robe 

45. Slippers  

46. Wallet with a note about opening their own bank account!

47. Purse  

48. Board games  

49. Sports Jersey 

50. Mancala - super fun game!  

51. Water balloons 

52. Snow globe  

53. Music lessons to learn a new instrument  

54. Party favors 

55. Ice cream/frozen yogurt gift card  

56. Pencils and other stationery 

57. Funky socks 

58. Journal 

59. Fun puzzle  

60. Temporary tattoos 

61. Nail stickers 

62. Nail polish 

63. Essential Oil Diffuser with relaxing oils

64. Earrings 

65. Hot Wheels cars and build your own ramp!

66. Brain teaser games 

67. Toy figures 

68. Paints - watercolor, acrylic or this Macaroni Kid Mom favorite, OOLY Chunky Paint Sticks - Instant dry and amazing for little hands!  

69. Craft kit 

70. Science kit - Get fun one-time crates through Kiwi Crate! Our favorite one is The science of making ice cream

71. Start them on a fun subscription box 

72. Baking kit with their own kitchen tools 

73. Favorite snacks  

74. Sports balls 

75. Video games  

76. Stickers 

77. Stamp set  

78. Bubble bath and lotion 

79. Favorite cereal with a cereal dispenser + it's a parent win-win 🙌🏻

80. Their favorite snacks  

81. A cute outfit

82. Diamond Art Kit

83. Money in plastic eggs is always a winner too!  

84. Go ahead throw in a little bit of their favorite Easter candy! It only comes around once a year.