Egg Your Friends & Neighbors This Easter!

A fun tradition your kids can start!

March 19, 2021
With Easter just a couple weeks away, have some fun and “Egg” your friends, family, and neighbors for Easter!

Yes, egg them - just be sure to use the plastic ones filled with candy or surprises!  

This “egging” involves a fun egg hunt for the kids and if you’d like to share the true meaning behind Easter, this is a great way to do it!

Kids of all ages can get involved in “egging” friends, family and neighbors! It’s a great way to share the holiday with your community!

Here are the simple steps:

1. Create a sign for the door with the following message: 

In your yard are 12 Easter eggs. Eleven are filled with Easter treats. 
One of the eggs is empty, but don’t be sad. Be happy when you are reminded of Jesus’ empty tomb and the true meaning of this Easter holiday.
Love, _______________


In your yard are 12 Easter eggs filled with Easter treats. 
Happy Hunting! 
Love, _______________

Get creative with your sign. Use colored paper, let the kids decorate with crayons, glitter and more!

2. Fill 12 plastic eggs with toys or candy.  Optional: leave the 12th egg empty

We also bought fun burlap sacks, Easter grass, and name tags to hang with the sign. This gives the kids a basket to use when finding their eggs. To save money and time, you can skip this step.

3. Tape the sign** to their door and, if you decide to include a basket, hang it on the door, too. Then hide all 12 eggs.  

Since hiding the eggs takes a little more time than just setting something on the doorstep, you’ll want to find a time when they aren't home or they are busy and won't see you! **Don't forget to bring the tape!!**

Have fun bringing a tradition to your community that can be used for years to come!